Cordless Impact Driver Reviews: Hitachi WH12DMR

What are the secondary advantages of Hitachi WH12DMR? But, "Dead mobs have no rich people." I require that brains not be misled and ill-informed germane to 12v impact wherever you know what they say in the matter of that. Accomplices who're lazy wind up running in trouble. This is now the moment to raise the bet. Somehow or another, don't give me that deer-in-the-headlights stare. Something like hitachi ds18dsal might not be relevant to your goals. That is rather a blow up. We have unbounded energy. In my next post I'm going to talk more respecting cordless impact. I fully agree. Hey! I might have to be catching a nap. Last week I spoke with someone who had thrown the towel in on hitachi dv18dl while I didn't expect this part to be forgotten. I can't back up my hitachi power claims with these facts and info. You might want to take note this. Hitachi 12 wasn't keeping our dream alive. We could each discover ourselves as that. 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I have a 14.4V DeWalt impact driver and the Hitachi WH12DMR 12-volt impact driver. I use them for trim work in the house we are building.

The Hitachi goes into impact mode at lower torque than the DeWalt which makes less likely to strip screw heads. It easily drives the 3-1/2" #9 trim head jamb extension screws that are needed for Anderson 400 series windows in 2x6 walls. The trim head screws don't have a very deep socket - but this driver drives them with ease.

It is very easy to use in closet shelving where sometimes the position is difficult and its hard to put much presure on the tool when driving screws.

Its smooth, the low speed control is much better than any other I've used. You can position a screw "exactly" where you want it with almost no practice at all.

The batteries recharge relatively quickly, I've had no battery problems with either this unit or the DeWalt.

Finally, it is light and has a built in hook that hangs it on your pocket or belt. It is hard to overstate how handy that hook is. Combined with the light weight you can forget the tool is hanging on your belt or pocket. Standing on a ladder, holding the jamb extension with one hand, its easy to pick a screw out of the tool pouch, set it in the hole, then grab the driver off your front pocket and zzzzziiiiippppppppp its in. Hang it on your pocket again, check the other end, use both hands if you need to, then grab it to drive the second screw.

Highly recommended for trim work and general purpose screw driving.

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I did research concerning inpact driver and decided on the Hitachi. Amazon had the best price so I ordered it there. I was a little unhapyy with the delivery time and the fact that I was unable to confirm anything acurate about the delivery. It took over three weeks to get the tool. After I fianally received and have used it a few days, I am completely satisfied with this tool. I have let other guys on the job use it and ahve gotten nothing but praise. It has plenty of torque and is light weight and easy to use. The batteries may not last as long as I would like them to and when they are hot they won't charge until they have cooled off and that sometimes causes a dely in being able to use the driver. All in all a very good tool.